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  • Also, the Espruino's 3.3v is rated at 150ma, but the CC3000 peak current is 350ma - there's no way it's gonna work off the Espruino's internal 3.3v.

    Note also that the CC3000 board VCC spec is 4.6 max - this means you can't expose it to 5v, though the 4.3 off USB is okay).

    I think you're going to need a dc-dc converter of some sort - the 12v->5v stepdown ones for USB car chargers (also available as bare boards from china - dirt cheap either way) might be a good choice.

    I would be inclined to use a 1S LiPo battery or a 18650 cell, and charge it with an appropriate charging board (powered off a 5v dc-dc converter), instead of using a 12v battery, though this might not be appropriate for your application...


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