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    It works fine for me on my left wrist.

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    I was on 2.11.67 which was the bleeding edge when I went to bed last night.

    I've upgraded to 2.11.70 this morning.


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    This morning, for the first time, I have done no steps overnight instead of the 3000 I'm normally told I've done.

    I've done my morning walk and the Bangle says 8115 steps and my phone says 8306.

    No phantom steps while typing or because I'm holding my wrist wrong.

    This is a brilliant result and I'm hugely grateful to everybody that has contributed to this.

    Thanks again.

    I'm a happy Chas

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    Thanks Hugh.

    I'll look into the web ide when I have time.
    I've looked at the instructions but my old laptop runs linux and, more crucially, doesn't have bluetooth. Will it work on my phone?

    I was on about 3000 steps this morning, my phone is currently on 387 and gadgetbridge on 959. My Bangles is currently on charge but shows 3710.

    I can post a photo of the screen if that will provide the info that you need to understand the problem. I've changed the pedometer widget to large text but I don't think that this should make any difference.

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    thanks for the reply.
    I'm on a bangle 2 currently running firmware 2v10.241 which I think is at the bleeding edge.
    I did about 4000 steps in my sleep last night.
    I've got the pedometer widget and android integration installed and I've removed gadgetbridge from the bangle.

    Very much enjoying this toy so far.

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    the values might tally now but they are far from accurate.
    I seem to walk at least 3000 steps in my sleep and I can lie perfectly still in bed and watch the count on the pedometer widget climb and climb.
    i also don't seem to have no heartbeat between 22.00 and 3.00.

    if anybody knows how to improve matters it would be greatly appreciated.

    rtfm's and warnings about going off topic also most welcome especially if I just need pointing in the right direction.