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    Thank you! I have managed to get this to work using magnetometer, modifying it's sensitivity to movement so that it performs different actions, eg: small move - play/pause, big move - next song. Easier than I thought, especially given the base already existing on the forum and the guidance for Puck. Thanks once again :)

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    I have been trying to work on a small project using Puck.js. I am not a JS expert though and thought maybe I could get some help here.
    The goal is for Puck to be a music controller similar to https://www.espruino.com/BLE+Music+ContrĀ­ol
    but instead of clicking, significant motion (sensed by accelerometer or magnetometer) would be the trigger of play/pause/skip of songs. I know how motion detection works with Puck, but I have no clue how to combine it with being a trigger.
    Thank you in advance!