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    I just bought a DK08, thanks for the info. The bangle gets too expensive with the shipping costs. If it had the display I want, I wouldn't mind, but I find it so ugly, and I have so little time to spend on it that I don't think it worths it for me.
    But if you ever release one with a transflective display, then the price will not hold me down.

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    Thanks both for your answers, and sorry for posting it on the wrong subforum, hope it can be moved.
    I have a Garming watch that I'm very happy with, but I feel the need to have better and more capable apps, that's why I got interested on bangle. I am also very nerdy and love hacking things despite I don't have enough time :p so having an easy hackable watch is an absolute win

    My problem with bangle is that It can not replace my current device because I really miss the transflective display, but I think I will buy anyway to support the project and to use it as a different device, maybe as home automation control, or a necklace or a keychain (a super powerful tamagotchi you said?)

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    I really like the idea of bangle.js, but I don't like the hardware that much. The circular shape with a square on the middle looks very ugly to me, and I prefer transflective displays rather than oled or LCD.
    Today I just found a device called SMA Time that also uses nRF52832 chipset, has many of the bangle capabilities and seems to have been hacked already: https://hackaday.io/project/85463-color-­open-source-smartwatch

    Will it be possible to port bangle firmware to it? Or, are there plans to build a versñ of the bangle with a square shape and/or transflective lcd display?

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    Hello @Gordon, thanks for your quick answer.
    I already checked the apps, in fact I even checked the code of some of them, I'm a curious person.

    you'd have to write your own app (Web Bluetooth or otherwise)

    This is not clear for me. Do you mean to develop an Android app or, as an alternative create a webapp that uses Web Bluetooth?

    I saw the expected battery life is of one week, but is that realistic or it's just a technical specification of the manufacturer?


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    I had two generations of pebble, and I really miss them.
    I tried an amazfit stratos (tremendous piece of trash), a samsung gear s3 (cool but poor battery life) and I'm now wearing a garmin.
    All those watches however have in common that they have a main screen for the watchface, then you can navigate apps/widgets. Is Bangle the same? Or it only runs the main program you install?
    Is it able to trigger events, notifications and so on?
    I'm will just buy one because "A watch with JavaScript", C'mon, how better can life become? But I had those questions in mind anyway.