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    Thank you both. :)

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    we have that already??

    I was looking at swipe event, it only has left/right. and then there is drag event with yz but not the action id, but it is not a problem really, I used the drag event with the i2c.writeTo(0x15,0xFA,17);
    so now I get no Arbitration error, it actually works very nice.

    On the reset issue, I think we are not talking about the same one.
    There is one that resets the watch on a 10sec hold, handles the dfu mode, this is very nice.

    but there is another one as well, it fires at 1.5-2 sec in, and it issues an E.reboot() and the screen displays "loading".
    I have noticed that it is only started after I call the Bangle.getOptions() or set an option, or set a event. If I do not, I can bypass it, so I guess I could work around it.

    I also tried calling E.kickWatchdog() , it doesn't seem to work, I guess it is not the watchdog, because I get a message from E.kill event, and the manual says this should not work on a watchdog timer reset.

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    I guess in a way a neat longer-term solution would be to add touchRd/touchWr functions like we have for the other sensors on the watch.

    that would be nice, or maybe info on swipe event for up/dn and x,y.

    One last question that is a bit irrelevant, is there an easy way to bypass/set longer timeout on the side button's long press action?
    It restarts the watch on long press, is there a way to customize that?

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    I wonder what happens when the touch irq comes in the middle of your i2c code call and bangle native irq handler runs some read over same pins via its own I2C object.


    Uncaught Error: I2C Error: Arbitration (start)

    is thrown, but it still works, been testing for a day now. :)

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    something like that works fine for getting raw data on touch/swipe

    var i2c=new I2C(); i2c.setup({scl:D34, sda:D33, bitrate:100000});
    TC= function(){
    Bangle.on('touch', TC);
    Bangle.on('swipe', TC);

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    in the case someone else want to have control of the touch like I do, a solution is to run software i2c on top. This way the bangle's integrated events can be used instead of the interrupt pin, works very nice.

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    this makes sense, thank you for answering, I will use the included functionality :)

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    Hello, I just gt my bangle.js 2, thanks a lot.

    I am trying to play with the touch controller, I read at your info on hackaday on the smaq3, that the interups is D36,b ut it does not work for me, this reports nothing on touch.

    },D36,{repeat:true, edge:0});

    this is my info, any idea as to what I may be missing?

    VERSION: "2v11",
    GIT_COMMIT: "531080858",

    ps. also, I get this message when tryin to run a watch on pin D39:
    WARNING: No free GPIOTE for watch
    I have seen that before on fanoush's builds for the rock/magic when over 4 watches are running.

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    yes the ceramic antenna can be removed and replaced with a wire. It will have two contacts, one is ground, this should be left unused.