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    Thanks Everyone! I'll look in to my options from there.

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    Thanks Robin,

    I had the same info, I was just looking for more.

    The copper trace was about 3mm short of the pad when I took the header off, I thought I might catch it with solder but I underestimated my previous ineptitude... and didn't check.

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    I had to remove the header.
    I then soldered the trace back down, it seems I had previously melted/burnt it out... don't ask.
    In the end I just soldered some jumper wires directly to 3v and gnd and it works fine.
    I would still like to know how I would go about attaching a lipo battery connector and where that could best be achieved.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have pulled one of my puck.js out of the draw again recently and have tried to drive it with a 3.3v power source for prototyping. Not sure what I am going to do with it but I would prefer not to burn through my batteries while prototyping so I have soldered on some headers and tried driving it through GND and 3v pins but this board has had some abuse and I didn't know how to solder when I orginally got it and it seems I damaged the trace...

    Anyway, my question is can I use D24 and D23 for power connection?
    I recall that they were supposed to be for external battery connection but can't find any info about it.
    e.g. which one is GND?