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  • Hello,

    I think it would be quite an interesting project to start an RC Plane Autopilot project. It is actually my number 1 project in mind. I'm currently using ArduPilot in my planes/quads, so I think it will be fun to play around with the board in the air. With the event driven nature of espruino, I think its a perfect fit.

    Distance sensor (HC-SR04)
    Better MPU (MPU-6050?)
    PPM signal generator/reader (found a project using arduino,­wnloads/list and­gnal/downloads/list)
    Possible to control an on screen display overlay right from the board with onboard camera? I know the OSDs I have seen are dedicated AVRs, so may not be feasible?

    If you can't tell I'm a software guy by trade, still green with some of the low bits of hardware :)


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