• @Mark_M

    Also does it show the watch RTC oscillator is not T compensated (not TCXO)?

    yep, TCXO would be much more stable over temperature range.


    This is really interesting! Guess it will vary somewhat from watch to watch?

    Most likely, and this article says that crystals have aging effect so it also depends on watch age.

    ... two temperature sensors earlier (barometer and internal temperature sensor) ...

    What internal temperature sensor ?

  • Most likely

    Want me to test that? I have a raspberry pi 3B+.

    Would be much appreciated if you can provide a step by step guide to set the measuring up. I can probably gather it from the thread but it will take quite a bit of time.

  • That would be nice. Is it OK if I just give the compiled binary with installing instructions? (I could also give cross-compile instructions but that requires installing Rust etc. on separate computer and has only been tested in Debian 11.)

    Also this may require current (Debian 11 based) Raspberry Pi OS. I'm using the 32-bit OS currently.


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