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  • Cool, very nice!

    Some hints:

    • g.setFontVector -> g.setFont("Vector",19) or even g.setFont("Vector19")

    • it is possible to combine g functions like this g.setFont("Vector19").drawString("GEAR",­257,125);

    • speed of linedraw - rotation has side effects on drawing speed, check module ILI9341 and datasheet to add rotation to the driver. This should also speed up drawString with Vector font.

    This is working for me:

                // TFT_MADCTL: Memory Access Control (orientation)
                switch (ROTATION) {
                    case 1:
                        cmd(0x36, 0);
                        cmd(0x36, (0x80 | 0x20));
  • I tried changing the orientation of the display. I didn't notice any increase in rendering speed. The Vector font still draws very slowly.


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