• Thank you, it's working perfectly now.

    I'd Googled and read about the difference between tty and cu (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8632­586) and thought I'd picked the right one for this use case but now I don't think I really understand it... anyway, if it works it works!

    I have one more general question if you don't mind:

    I landed on the Pico as it's very small and can be connected via Ethernet using the Wiznet W5500 board. I have ~10m Cat6 cable in my wall. I'd been planning to connect this to the W5500 and run custom 5V power through the Cat6 cable for the Pico. However it's recently occurred to me that I could terminate the cable with 4-wire USB and 4-wire Ethernet and instead talk to the Pico entirely over USB (in my setup it's no problem connecting Pico to a router or to an always-on host computer). Do you have any thoughts on the pros and cons of each approach? Would one be more stable and/or power efficient than the other? The Pico's only job would be to send sensor data once a minute back to the host (or via MQTT using W5500) as above.

    Many thanks, Dave


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