• Hello Joern,

    unfortunately not. Since time ran out (and my primary goal was to establish s.th. like a "remote control" for BBC micro:bit or similar between PC and board) I switched to the built-in BT services and used them (see https://rozek.de/Microcontrollers/MicroB­it/BoardControl/index_de.html, German only, however) Those services turned out to run stable, whereas Espruino did not.

    Meanwhile, I bought an Oxocard, which looks much more promising (not from an Espruino perspective, but from its hardware in general) - but now, I first have to complete my online lectures for this semester before I'll find some time to get my hands on it.

    With kind regards,

    Andreas Rozek

  • Hi Andreas,

    thanks for your response.
    I have an Oxocard here (and I do like it) however, for what I have in mind the Calliope mini is better suited as it is by far not so resistant as I need it – and also I would like to see it running on the Calliope mini... ;)