• I tried now also the 2nd example ( at "Making it faster" ):
    Here I have the following problem:
    1) I press the button on master-puck, the green LED lights; now the red LED lights also on the slave-puck(this is OK);
    2) if I press the master-puck again, the red LED is OFF on slave-puck (this is OK also);
    3) I play this 3 times (on and off)
    4) After the 7. button press on master-puck, the green LED is always lights on master-puck, but the slave-puck do nothing. Only if I make a reset() and a new load/code copie to the master can I run this procedure again.
    5) .. and I cannot connect anymore to my slave-puck via WEB IDE, I must remove/put in again the battery

    What could be the problem here?


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