• Hi folks,

    after many months of inactivity, I thought I'd give Espruino on BBC micro:bit another try and installed Version v2.05.

    It worked in the very beginning (when doing some simple one- or few-liners from the Espruino Web-IDE), but after a few minutes I already got my first disconnect. Such sudden disconnects continued to occur - sometimes I even had to reset the micro:bit before it reappeared in the WebBT list of BT devices - but, initially, I thought, it would be my Mac (macOS is known for its horrible BT support) until I found the first weird pattern on the LED matrix.

    Now, I'm quite sure that it's the micro:bit which crashes after a few minutes (usually less than 5) of activity.

    Do you have any experiences with that version? As I remember, Espruino ran stable on the micro:bit several months ago (but I can't tell you the version number)

    Do you know, which version runs stable?

    Thanks in advance for any response!

    Kind regards from Germany,

    Andreas Rozek