• So near as I can figure, this is what seems to be the case:

    Apparently, on android phones, there is a security feature where they randomize their MAC address each time the transmitter is restarted for BLE advertising.

    The phone's BT does have a fixed MAC address. And from the beginning, the Puck would see that fixed address in "addr" in "NRF.on('connect',function(addr){...})".­

    Ever since I made the "NRF.setServices(undefined, { hid : kb.report });" call, the "addr" variable in the NRF.on event has been resolving to the random MAC instead.

    Forgetting the device on my phone did not change anything, the Puck still showed up in the discovered devices with the HID icon instead of the BT icon next to it. But I was able to change the advertised name on the Puck to something new, and now it shows up with the new name and the default BT icon, so that much appears to be resolved, but the random MAC is still ending up in "addr".

    So the question is how to revert the NRF.on('connect') behavior back to how it was before, where the addr argument resolves to the real fixed address instead of the advertised random one.


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