• The puck arrived today; it looks pretty cool. Only recently however did I catch the part that my Windows 7 laptop is not compatible as-is with the Web IDE tool to communicate with the Puck, so I have to wait until tomorrow for the BLE adapter to be delivered before I can proceed. :-) But I managed to update the firmware using nRF Connect from my phone at least.

    So I figure I'll run the whitelisting code (NRF.on('connect',function(addr) {...) to prevent any device besides my phone and my laptop to connect to the puck, and I'll run the code to toggle the BT with the button press.

    So, if I understand correctly, once I get the IDE tool connected and running, all I have to do is put those two bits of code into the editor on the right side, then click the Send button and the puck will be all set for what I want. And then, once I confirm that everything is good, run save() to save the code to flash for when the battery dies in a year and I'm all set. I can also be extra safe and run the NRF.setServices() code to disable the console and prevent any further changes (although I think that's redundant with the whitelist, or am I overlooking something?) unless the puck is reset by removing the battery.

    That should cover it, I think. Yes?


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