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  • My MQTT broker is Mosquitto running on a Raspberry Pi. I have three different esp8266s running that use the same wifi and MQTT connection code. 2 of the 3 devices get a different client_id assigned from Mosquitto. The third device ( a Sonoff wifi switch) gets the same client_id as one of the other devices, which disconnects the first device with that client_id to be connected.

    I understand that this is default and desirable configuration for Mosquitto. I looked at the documentation for the conf file to see if there was a way to have it generate other types of client_ids if the clients are anonymous. I found no way to do this. It looks like my only hope is to be able to set the client_id on the es8266 when the mqtt.connect() happens.

    I thought that maybe I would have luck with a different MQTT broker. I tried Which runs and appears to work just fine, but it behaves exactly like Mosquitto.


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