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  • Hi!
    I've just started to test out Espruino today, and it works great so far! Just built it for my STM32F4Discovery board, and it worked right out of the box! I probably want to test it soon on the official pico board too.

    Just wondering, if it would be possible to make Espruino work on a more power-efficient L variant of the controller used on the original board (STM32F103RCT6), and which chip would be most suitable.

    Probably the STM32L100RBT6 has not enough flash memory...
    Ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU ARM-based Cortex-M3, 128KB Flash, 10KB SRAM, 2KB EEPROM, LCD, USB, ADC, DAC

    Do you have any experiences with STM32 L series, and if there's really some strong benefit in terms of power consumption? In deep sleep mode the Espruino already draws very low amounts of power...


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