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  • Looked at the puck.js specs, and love to use it as a temp/light sensor which samples data and sends out the data through a phone to SD or Internet after a while when the button is pressed.

    No beacon or looking for devices to spare battery, although when I attach it high in a tree, I need a ladder to press the button.

    Curious what sample rate would be possible before the memory is filled. And how to make a good trade-off for battery life and sampling rate.

    Some rules of thumb about the power needed for sensors, sleep modes etc would be nice.

    What things can be used to interrupt/wake up the device on which mode. Probably the button, probably a timer, maybe by BT signal or sensor trigger value? Only familiar with atmel/Arduino.

    The BT chip datasheet would answer a lot of questions, but some things would depend on hard wiring and firmware.


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