• That's an amazing amount of info Gordon thank you. I'm going to look around what I can and hopefully help.

    From reading the page I got the impression I still should be able to use the usb to program it. I tried the Should I start a new thread for this?

    I've been having trouble connecting to the microbit over USB once espruino is uploaded. I can see "espruino MICROBIT" listed in bluetooth on my phone. chrome on there can't connect to it though. I checked enable-web-bluetooth is enabled.

    Just tried the 1v85 espruino_1v85_microbit.hex from the downloads page zip and also espruino_1v85.63_microbit.hex from the master. Can see them on my phone but can't connect over usb. Chrome IDE normally and run as admin. unplugged/plugged in the bit too.


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