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  • Ok, good to hear :) I will do a pull in the next days first adding deepsleep and modemsleep. However it seems to be possible to implement what you have done for the STM boards by using lightsleep. I found the following code (using light sleep and a timer):

    //sleep over.
    void fpm_wakup_cb_func1(void)
       wifi_fpm_close();   //disable sleep function
       wifi_set_opmode(STATION_MODE);      //set wifi mode to station mode
       wifi_station_connect();         //connect ap
    void user_func(...)
    wifi_set_opmode(NULL_MODE);      //set wifi mode to null mode.
    wifi_fpm_set_sleep_type(LIGHT_SLEEP_T);      //set force sleep type, clsoe rf&cpu
    wifi_fpm_open();            //enable force sleep fucntion
    wifi_fpm_set_wakeup_cb(fpm_wakup_cb_func­1);   //Set fpm wakeup callback function 
    wifi_fpm_do_sleep(10*1000);         // do sleep


    I think that would be the next step then...


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