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    Thanks, RedBearLab BLE Nano works after minor modifications of the board.py.

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    I see now that Micro:bit is available, maybe we can also flash it to another boards like RedBearLab BLE, or Seeed BLE micro.
    But - for the Micro:bit it produces a hex file, but we need a bin file for RBL/Seeed...
    I think -DK versioun would work, but didn't try it yet.
    @Gordon, what do you thing?

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    @Gordon I think I'm getting the same "ERROR: Out of Memory!" with full module string showing up in the history like "Modules.removeAllCached(),Modules.addCa­ched('...."

    I'm running on ESP8266. When I copy-paste all module code into the IDE and adjust the example - it runs fine!

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    Hi all, just got a prototype of Blynk library.
    It runs on Espruino (over USB) & Node.js (TCP and SSL):
    Could you please take a look? Any help (ideas, code reviews, patches) are welcome.
    Please note that I'm not a pr0fessional JS coder :)

    Tested it on Espruino Pico