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    Unfortunately that works just on HC-06 and HC-04.

    Yes, the HC-06 is in AT-Mode, whenever it isn't connected.

    More information can be found at...

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    I did the following for the HC-06...

    Before paired, HC-06 is at the AT mode. So no soldering will be necessary.

    1. Connect the Espruino via USB to your PC. Be sure that the HC-06 isn't paired.

    2. Connect to the Espruino via the Web IDE as normal.

    3. Run:

      Serial1.on('data', function (data) {console.log(data);}); 
    4. Power down and disconnect

    Note: The new name and password will become active after discharged all the energy of the module. If the module still has any energy, the old one is still active. In the test, for discharging all the system energy and activating the new password, we can connect the power supply PIN with GND about 20 seconds after the power is cut off. Generally, shutting down the device for 30 minutes also can discharge the energy.