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    Hi Gordon

    just tried with putty on Windows 7 with espruino 1.1 v40: this method is certainly more robust than the web app - I can paste multi-line functions without issue. However, if I paste in a full file (into a console that has been first reset() and using code that has been verified to be ok), then something is still amiss as the ">" prompt never turns and stays at ":" as if expecting a closing bracket of some sort, which I don't believe to be the case. This can be verified using the MAX7219 code example I have sent you privately Gordon.



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    also observed as documented above (just to reinforce that you are not crazy IdeaShaker). I am using Windows 7 with Espruino board v1.1, code v40and the chrome app as posted on the chrome app store

    Also observe that random characters get dropped midline

    eg. SPI2.send (0xf, B6)


    and a subsequent syntax error.
    Line by line copy and paste seems to be the only way in at present

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    in 1v41 (october 4th nightbuild), LCD.drawString works fine, but LCD.drawVectorString does not seem to be recognized

    ERROR: Function not found! Skipping. at line 1 col 5

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    The below code (as published on espruino.com) yields:

    ERROR: INTERNAL: Timeout on SPI RX

    whenever the touchscreen is drawn upon.
    Have tried different setIntervals ranging from 10 to 100 touchFinc but with no change -any ideas?

    this is observed with Espruino 1v39

    var onInit = function () {
    	  SPI1.send([0x90,0],A4); // just wake the controller up
    var touchFunc = function () {
    	  if (!digitalRead(B6)) { // touch down
    	    var d = SPI1.send([0x90,0,0xD0,0],A4);   
    	    var pos = {x:(d[1]*256+d[2])*LCD.WIDTH/0x8000, 
    	    touchCallback(pos.x, pos.y);
    	    lastPos = pos;
    	  } else lastPos = null;
    var touchCallback = function (x,y) {
    	  if (lastPos!=null) { 
    onInit();setInterval(touchFunc, 50);