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    Ah, I see it working now with some other letters - showing the letter icon.

    thanks again for your help!

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    Hi folks,

    Is there a Banglejs emulator that shows the screen of what you might see on a Banglejs watch, as an aid for development to try reproducing display issues when working with apps, or making changes to them?

    I ask as I when I was recently trying to debug an issue with the messages app, I ended up resorting to taking photos of my watch with my phone, when really all I want to showm on the display of the watchface:


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    wow @Ganblejs, thanks for the quick response!

    I was able to find the "Delete All Messages" option, but I wasn't able to get to it by pressing on a visible letter icon - I ended up pressing and hoping 😅

    Here's what I saw:

    1. Pic 1 (IMG_9672.jpeg) shows what I see when I see view a message (the message doesn't really matter, but you see the last letters of a mac address, plus battery status, but no letter icon )

    2. Pic 2 (IMG_9673.jpeg) this is what I saw from pressing where I guessed a there might be a letter button appearing

    3. Pic 3 (IMG_9674) this is where I saw the 'delete all messages' option

    I couldn't seen an obvious place in the settings, to either control what shows up in the top right to make space in the menu for that letter icon.

    Is there a simple way to control the display of this part of the UI?

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    Hi there

    I'm using an a Banglejs2, with my iPhone, and it's handy to see notifications but it's not obvious to me how to clear them from my watch without going individually into each message and swiping left on the messae to delete it.

    Is there another way to do this in bulk that's easily accessible?

    I can see in the messages app there is something like this:

    menu = Object.assign(menu, {
        /*LANG*/"Mark Unread" : () => {
          msg.new = true;
        /*LANG*/"Mark all read" : () => {
          MESSAGES.forEach(msg => msg.new = false);
        /*LANG*/"Delete all messages" : () => {
          E.showPrompt(/*LANG*/"Are you sure?", {title:/*LANG*/"Delete All Messages"}).then(isYes => {
            if (isYes) {
              MESSAGES = [];

    It's linked in github
    I can see this code linked


    but I can't see how I would call up this menu in the Watch UI.

    Suggestions very welcome.