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    Yep, that seems much better. Thanks.

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    Just answered my own question by closing the Web IDE and opening a new one! Should have thought of that first....

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    In the device selector window it says it's already paired. Is there a way to make web bluetooth forget a device?

    Does this extract from the logs help?

    Set Slow Write = true ('Throttle Send'='Auto')
    BT> Starting device chooser
    Connecting to FAIL LD2
    BT> Device Name: FAIL LD2
    BT> Device ID: 5e3GbrcINKkhJY5dIBCB5A==
    Connected to BLE
    BT> Connected
    Configuring BLE...
    BT> Got service
    Configuring BLE....
    BT> RX characteristic:{}
    Configuring BLE....
    Configuring BLE.....
    BT> TX characteristic:{}
    Configuring BLE.....
    Set Slow Write = false (forced)
    BLE configured. Receiving data...
    Connected [object Object]
    Found a prompt... great!
    ---> "\u0010print(\"<\",\"<<\",JSON.stringify­(process.env),\">>\",\">\")\n"
    BT> Received packet of length 50 - assuming increased MTU
    Got "< << {\"VERSION\":\"2v21\",\"GIT_COMMIT\":\"8­f3a9cb52\",\"BOARD\":\"PUCKJS\",\"RAM\":­65536,\"FLASH\":524288,\"HWVERSION\":2.1­,\"STORAGE\":40960,\"SERIAL\":\"fbd1a859­-37e74de9\",\"CONSOLE\":\"Bluetooth\",\"­MODULES\":\"Flash,Storage,heatshrink,net­,dgram,http,NetworkJS,crypto,neopixel\",­\"EXPTR\":400424} >> >\r\n>"

    [notify_info] Found PUCKJS, 2v21
    Loading https://www.espruino.com/json/PUCKJS.jso­n
    Board JSON loaded
    Firmware >1.43 supports faster writes over USB
    Set Slow Write = false ('Throttle Send'='Auto')
    FIRMWARE: Current 2v21, Available 2v22
    New Firmware 2v22 available
    [notify_info] New Firmware available (2.21 installed, 2v22 available)
    Device found {"portName":"FAIL LD2"}
    [success] Connected to Web Bluetooth, FAIL LD2
    Connected to Web Bluetooth, FAIL LD2

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    Here's the screen shot....

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    Hi, I've rewound to v2.21 and it's behaving as expected on power on, one single red flash. With v2.22 it gave me 6 red flashes and an extremely brief flash of the blue and green before that. When I look for it in the Web IDE, in the pairing window it shows up as Puck.js 73f5 but once paired it's calling it Fail LD2 again. So I think there's an issue with the v2.22 firmware and also the advertised name now.

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    Just put a meter on the battery and it's at 2.99V.

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    Thanks Gordon, surprising though as I only got the puck yesterday with a brand new battery.

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    Hi, I've just flashed the firmware on my new puck.js to the latest 2.22 and it's come back with the name "Fail LD2", even though the flash appeared to work and it seems to be working fine. The issue I had with the ble connection dropping when the accelerometer went past 90 degrees seems to have been fixed. Did note that when I reset after the flash, the red led blinked a number of times on power up.

    Any ideas? Tried it via the mobile app and the Web IDE.