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    Even though my idea with the waterproof watch might sound crazy, I believe that many people would like it. There are some comments here in the forum where people brigged their bangles. So I could even think there would be people willing to buy a button less waterproof bangle if it's natively integrated.

    Other buttonless smartbands use the detection of the charging state to wake up a deep sleeping band. Would it also possible with espruino to use the charging state during boot instead of the button press?

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    There is also some logic during reboot. With long pressing the button and then releasing it. In this phase the watch face down might be the best to simulate it.

    Is there any state when the watch is fully off or deep sleeping where we only have the button but not the accelerator?

    I am not familar with the boot order sequence of the bangle js 2. But as far as I understand there is no code before the bootloader that checks the button. And when the bootloader is running I have the button state and the accelerometer?

    That would make it possible to use the watch down logic during reboot.

    When the watch is fully bootet I would prefer some other method to simulate the button press like double tapping from the side. Any chance to make other apps think it was a button press without modifying them? I guess this would mean to change the firmware to feed the button state from the accelorator? But for my usecase I don't need many other apps so it might be ok without the button.

    Force reboot while the watch is running could be done by something like turning the watch face down plus three taps.

    In the first step I won't glue the button unless everything is working with the accelorator. So let's buy a bangle js 2!

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    Hello @Gordon, thank you for your help.

    Would it be possible to fully glue the button and use the charging cable for turning on the watch. That's how manufacturers like xiaomi do it with their buttonless devices.

    Switching off would be done via software.

    The latter should be no big thing to code even for me. The buttonless switching on might be harder. At least for me because I mainly do high level programming and only have little assembler experiences from university.

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    Hello together,

    Do you have experiences making the bangle js more waterproof? I would even be willing to open it and glue it with epoxy, but I fear the button might be a problem.