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    I'm just curious whether the graph below can tell me if I have an issue with the battery in my Bangle 2 or if it could be considered normal. What strikes me the most is that at 50% battery it takes a nose dive, compared to the 100-50%.

    The left most section of the graph shows some testing with having the bangle disconnected from my phone most of the time. The middle to right most sections show when the bangle is connected to the phone at all times, which is most useful to me as a daily driver.

    I'm contemplating buying a new bangle if it noticeably improves battery life compared to my current one.

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    Ok, after having reset everything and poked around in the settings I'm on top of things again, thanks!

    Is there a way to separate calling notifications and "everything else" notifications?
    I'd like the call notifications to be more aggressive and keep repeating longer while the rest of the notifications can have a set time before dismissing.

    I'd also find it useful to set the Unread timer a bit more granular, something like 5 seconds (if not 1 second) steps.

    Then again, I might be an outlier in all this. 🙂

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    I'm having a bit of an issue figuring out when the bangle 2 decides to fall back/auto dismiss and return to the watchface.

    When I'm in e.g. Settings, it looks like the stays there even after the screen automatically locks.
    When i get a notification, the auto-dismiss happens most of the time but it can also decide to stay on the last shown notification, which means I will have to unlock and manually put it back to the watchface.

    Is there a consistent default pattern/behaviour? Or could I adjust it to always auto-dismiss, at least for notifications/messages?