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    Hi @Gordon, I would like to ask you more clarification on how the movement gesture feature of the Bangle JS 2 is working. What are the events that trigger the start and stop of a gesture? What measurement are they based on (accelerometer magnitude? Difference in acceleration compared to the previous data point?)?

    Moreover, I would like to know more about the Bangle.setOption parameters related to movement gesture. In the software reference I found these 4:

    1. gestureStartThresh: how big a difference before we consider a gesture started? default = sqr(800)
    2. gestureEndThresh: how small a difference before we consider a gesture ended? default = sqr(2000)
    3. gestureInactiveCount: how many samples do we keep after a gesture has ended? default = 4
    4. gestureMinLength: how many samples must a gesture have before we notify about it? default = 10

    In this vein, "sqr" stands for "square root"? The values of "800" and "2000" to what kind of measure do they refer?

    I tryed to change these parameters both on the Bangle ide and inside an app that I built, but everytime that I touch these option the gesture functionality stops working. Even setting back the old parameters don't fix the situation, so I have to completely reset the watch everytime. After completely resetting the watch, without touching the parameters, the gesture functionality works again correctly. Could it be a bug or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance :)