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    @Gordon thanks for all the advice and information. I'll try to make some time and try with my ST-LINK and/or the ESP32 method whenever possible. Great idea for drilling holes through the cover for new rings.
    I've had a look at what ESPDruino is and it seems like a genius idea (I learned development with JS more than 20 years ago so will have to give it a try as well eventually).
    Also, if you are the Gordon of the Kickstarter campaigns, I have to say well done to you, great projects, and good on you to deliver where most projects fail 💪

    @fanoush where did you find those firmwares?
    My ring appears as "R8 B837" but it seems identical to the R2 models I see online. The app is Smart Health and if I remember the firmware version was 0.3 (I still struggle to keep the ring on, not sure where the bad connection is now).

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    Hi guys.
    I bought that ring about 3 months ago and it was supposed to be waterproof but the charging connector started to rust on my finger so I more or less stopped wearing it (the Aliexpress seller never refunded me anything despite his promises...).
    Since then I have been desperate to hack into it.

    After analyzing the Bluetooth requests, I've developed an ESP32 code as well as a Python code that reads the accelerometer values (they are sent over BLE only ~1/sec unfortunately, so nothing really usable for actions).
    My Python code also triggers requests for HR readings.
    (Let me know if anyone is interested, it would be a good excuse to start publishing on GitHub).

    Besides that, I couldn't do much more. I can't update the firmware as the seller never gave it to me and it is nowhere to be found on the Internet.
    Using the app NRF Connect on Android, I have access to the DFU, but I can't extract the firmware that way.

    So yesterday after reading this post, I thought **** it, let's crack it open.
    It put it in a vice, and I slightly deformed it, very gently.
    I heard a "crack" and I saw that the outer metal ring cracked in a neat straight line (not sure if it was there from the factory and just glued before? or if I made that crack).
    From there on, it was very easy to open the ring delicately.

    I'm attaching detailed pictures.
    As I've only started learning about electronics/ESP32 programming a few months ago, could someone indicate how to extract the firmware (for backup) and create my own from here onwards?

    Also, it seems that by slightly unbending the flex PCB, I created a bad contact of some sort as my ring was turning on and off, and now not even on.. working on it 🤞

    Any help would be much appreciated 😁