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    Good to know! Thanks for taking the time to clarify this.

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    Sorry to kind of hijack the tread, but could you please clarify where you find the click here to update to DFU 2v20 link? I have never seen it in the Firmware Update app (neither on https://banglejs.com/apps/ nor https://espruino.github.io/BangleApps/, in case it matters) and I don't know what I could be missing. Does it only appear in limited conditions?

    I only see this text:

    This tool allows you to update the firmware on Bangle.js 2 devices from within the App Loader.

    Your current firmware version is 2v20.69 and DFU is 2v16. The DFU (bootloader) rarely changes, so it does not have to be the same version as your main firmware.

    The currently available Espruino firmware releases are:

    Release: espruino_2v20_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v19_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v18_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v17_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v16_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v15_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v14_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v13_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v12_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v11_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v10.236_banglejs2.zip
    Release: espruino_2v10.219_banglejs2.zip
    Cutting Edge build: espruino_2v20.69_banglejs2.zip
    To update, click a link above and then click the 'Upload' button that appears.

    What is DFU?

    DFU stands for Device Firmware Update. This is the first bit of code that runs when Bangle.js starts, and it is able to update the Bangle.js firmware. Normally you would update firmware via this Firmware Updater app, but if for some reason Bangle.js will not boot, you can always use DFU to do the update manually. On DFU 2v19 and earlier, iOS devices could have issues updating firmware - 2v20 fixes this.

    DFU is itself a bootloader, but here we're calling it DFU to avoid confusion with the Bootloader app in the app loader (which prepares Bangle.js for running apps).


    Firmware updates via this tool work differently to the NRF Connect method mentioned on the Bangle.js 2 page. Firmware is uploaded to a file on the Bangle. Once complete the Bangle reboots and DFU copies the new firmware into internal Storage.

    In addition to the links above, you can upload a hex or zip file directly below. This file should be an .app_hex file, not the normal .hex (as that contains the DFU as well).

    DANGER! No verification is performed on uploaded ZIP or HEX files - you could potentially overwrite your DFU with the wrong binary and brick your Bangle.

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