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    No rush at all, it's not really affecting me all that much. My main reason for bringing it up was more out of curiosity, trying to understand what was happening internally to cause that interaction, and to make sure it wasn't something I was doing wrong/a hardware issue with mine.

    BTW, love the project so far! It's a little too much fun being able to just pull up a remote console to a WATCH of all things and run arbitrary code on it.

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    Haha, well I'm just glad it's not something wrong with my watch's hardware.

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    Interesting. So now that I know that it's using the accelerometer, I've gotten some more data. I had noticed some strange stuff when messing with the "tap" event a while back, and I just tested it a little more.

    Setting HRM: always

    Then in the console:

    >Bangle.on('tap', (data) => {console.log(Date().getSeconds()+" "+data.dir);})
    3 top
    4 right
    5 right
    6 back
    8 right
    8 front
    8 top
    10 bottom
    11 front
    12 bottom
    13 top
    15 left
    16 right
    17 right
    18 top

    It throws events all over, sometimes multiple times per second. The HRM seems to stop if I take the watch off and lay it on my desk, so I have it on my wrist but I'm holding extremely still.

    As soon as the HRM is off, the onTap seems to work perfectly fine. It registers directions just fine, and only when I tap it deliberately.

    I loaded up accelgraph while the HRM was off/on, but there didn't seem to be any difference that I could tell.

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    Hey there. Just got my new Bangle.js2 a week or so ago, and I've been having a blast messing with it and tweaking things.

    I'm trying to figure out if this is a hardware issue with mine, or maybe a weird software bug. Running latest 2v19.

    Easiest way to reproduce:

    • wakeOnTouch: true
    • LCD timeout low (easier to see what's happening)
    • HRM interval: always (just to see it happen consistently)

    With those options set, my backlight will randomly turn itself on while the HRM is trying to read.

    Took me a little while to figure out what was actually causing the sporadic backlight, because it wasn't happening all the time. Finally noticed it was happening when the heart rate monitor was going.