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    I do not have the tools to measure the battery voltage at the moment, however yes, the 8hrs battery life where with GPS on.

    A full charge without GPS on lasted <24hrs. So I think there is still some issue, but it is fine :) If I ever get my hands on a multimeter, I will try to measure the voltage.

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    Ok, after actually cleaning the right pcb and scrubbing all the corrosion away with a toothbrush, my banglejs1 is back alive!! :D

    Thanks @adjtm and @Gordon, you have been both very helpful to get this fixed!

    However I think the battery is kinda messed up. It lasted about 8hrs on idle after a full charge, and the battery widget always showed as if there was no battery (except for the few minutes after charge). Is it possible to change it?

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    You should use distilled or deionized water like the water used for clothing ironing.

    Thanks for posting that, otherwise I would have used normal water like a dumbass ahah

    So here is the update, I rinsed the pcb with de-mineralized water, but I did not try to switch on the banglejs1 yet. I noticed there is some "greyness" on the pcb around some components (R7,C4,R6). Is that a sign that some residue from the river water is still there? Should I use something more abrasive to try to remove it?

    I attached pictures of the pcb and of the crushed rubber ring.

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    After giving the PCB a rinse (try not to get the battery wet if you can), leave it to dry somewhere warm (and try as hard as you can to make sure it is dry) and maybe it'll come back to life again properly.

    I will give that a try and update.

    I have seen Bangles where the rubber ring wasn't in place, but in that case you should have noticed that the rubber had been crushed in some places.

    That's actually what I noticed, there is a small part of the ring where there is a sort of "cut" (the ring is not separated in two pieces though). I don't really know how to explain, but there is a sign of "crushing" on it. I will post a picture once I disassemble it again to rinse it.

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    Hi, sorry to hear this - and sorry for the delay, I was off last week. I've now merged that PR.

    No worries.

    At least if it was river water it won't be saltwater so there is some chance the Bangle may be ok when fully dry, even if you have to rinse the PCB with clean water again.

    Yes it was river water. I have to admit that now that I understand how the waterproofing standards work, I realize that I have put my bangle under a quite harsh test. I used it while kayaking on a river and everything went fine, even though it got hit with a ton of water splashes and I even dipped it under the water several times while on the move. That did not cause any visible malfunction of the watch, and I did not see any water under the screen.

    Once I stopped kayaking I went for a very short swim (~ 5 mins) and it broke :D

    Today after leaving it for several days disassembled to dry, I re-assembled it and plug it under charge. At first it was working fine, but after some time (~30 mins) it shut down again, and now even if I put it under charge it does not give any sign of life. Any idea on what could have gone wrong?

    even if you have to rinse the PCB with clean water again.

    I did not rinse it with clean water, do you think that could help? If so, how?

    Additionally when re-assembling the bangle, I found very hard to put back the rubber waterproofing ring in the correct position. It seems to me that its diameter is a couple of millimeters short of what the bangle would need. Could it be a defect or is it expected?

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    Take in mind also that IP68 doesn't imply that it has been successfully tested for IP65, IP66 or IP66K (water jets)

    Good to know, I had automatically assumed the opposite.

    My self, I don't use the BangleJS 2 for shower or swimming and I try to cover the watch under the sleeve with heavy rain.

    I think this is what I am going to do as well with the new banglejs2 I will buy.
    Or with the banglejs1 if it recovers in the next days.

    Now that, under pressure, some water has entered, without opening it is very unlike that all the water will come out.

    As of now I removed the back cover, removed as much water as I could (there was A LOT in it) and let it open to dry. Will update in the next days on whether it comes back to life or it can be considered a sacrifice in the name of waterproofing standards :)

    It would be ideal if the features page would clarify about this, something like "Accidentally only, do not submerge on purpose. Not suitable for water jets like shower or swimming". In the end, this is what IP68 means, but who reads the standards while searching for a watch?

    I created a PR to modify the website (https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoDocsĀ­/pull/701) and add the same disclaimer that the banglejs2 has.

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    Thanks for the detailed and informative reply.

    If that's the case I think the page https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js#featuĀ­res should be modified, as it claims the following:

    IP68 Waterproof: up to 10m underwater

    while that would be the result of an ATM1 device.

    In any case this claim is misleading in my opinion, as it can easily be interpreted as "if it can go 10m underwater, for sure I can swim with it", unless someone is knowledgeable of waterproof standards.

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    Hi everyone! first post on the forum here.

    First of all congratulations to everyone contributing to the Banglejs device and ecosystem, I think it is a great device and I had fun using it. Looking forward to contribute more meaningfully to the project.

    The theme of this post however is the waterproofness of Banglejs1. Yesterday I decided to test it and go for a swim in a river. It stopped working after a couple of minutes and I could see some water in the display. I am now leaving the banglejs to dry in the sun, but it is still completely dead.

    From my understanding the banglejs1 should be waterproof up to 10m underwater, but I swam only on the surface. Does that mean that my banglejs was defective?