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    the wath was used for a few months (6-8), so really not all that long.

    oh, I didn't know that about the build in parts, so that is sad news. There is a thread in this forum about an alternative casing (aluminium?) which gave me the impression it could be replaced easily.
    It is not I'm unwilling, I'd rather say incapable. Simply not my field of expertise... I do not even own a soldering iron, and never have used one. (thoughI do own some Lego bricks)
    Any one out there any suggestion? I'd hate to ditch a working pice of electronics!

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    Same bit broke off here, while being worn, not hitting a thing.
    We got two watches, one still worn, the other broken. Agreed, 6 in 10.000 is a low failure rate.
    Still, if this happens to you, all of statistics do not work out for you. The watch is gone.
    Not everyone is so much of a craftsperson to do such a repair themselves. (I am not!)

    If I am not mistaken the casing can be replaced? If you allow a suggestion of dealing with such incidents: Why not provide spare parts?

    Thank an keep up the good work so far!

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    Short: works!
    Long: Sorry for the (quite severe) delay, again.
    finally fetching data works now. I did experience some weird behaviour right after updating, tough. I had to reinstall android integration, which was one of the first apps put to the device as I got it. Seemed strange to me, furthermore for a few days error massages did not change. I have NO idea what I did or why this happened, but all of the sudden they disappeared not to be seen again. At that time I tried to write a proper logfile, but could not get these errors to be written to one. (actually there was no logfile at all, where it was supposed to be????????)
    Anyhow everything works fine now. So a BIG Thank you !! @Gordon, @Ganblejs

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    Thanx for taking care of!
    I'd love to give it a try, but (and this is most probably an idiots question), could I install the nightly parallel to stable release an connect the bangle to both?

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    That is what I found weird, too.
    To my best knowledge the watch is paired correctly and the app states to be connected as I start the download. Somewhen in that process it does disconnect tough, as I figured out lately.

    Tried another time - 7:20pm multiple "malformed json" errors:
    -unterminated object...
    -expect '.' after...
    -names must be strings...
    -expected literal value...
    -unterminated string...
    -unterminated object at character...

    attached another log, looks different now. Hope this helps.

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    Oh, and just to clayfiy, the device is not only stuck in the effort to synchronize. It is doing do in vain.

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    Hi there,
    please do excuse, real life got me distracted .... sorry. I am overwhelmed how quick you guys are responding and trying to help!
    Here is the Log I created. I do find it irritating. The device stated several JSON errors, still none are there in that file. But plenty of information not connected to the bangle.
    Anyway here's the log: (at 6p.m. I tried to synchronize)

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    Sorry to reopen this quite old post,

    but I do experience several, different malformed json errors, too quick for me to read the pop ups. Additionally (or corresponding???) there is some very strange behavior. No activity is downloaded except for the past few minutes but the app loops into "fetching activity" for ever (tried 24h...) and is unstoppable. Even if I try to force terminate the app, it keeps going. Need to restart the phone to end this, as soon as I open the app it starts over again.

    This is going on for a few months now, I was hoping some update might deal with the problem, which it didn't, so I decided to post.

    -Bangle.js Gadgetbridge 0.79.1 (F-Droid)
    -I'd love to post Bootloader and Firmware version but right now the watch won't connect at all (although I states to be connected in the app, as well as 'fetching activity').
    To the best of my knowledge both are up to date.
    -Fairphone FP2
    -Lineage OS 18.1

    Any help is very much appreciated.

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    Thanks for the hint, good to hear.
    Looking forward to the solution.

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    I experience a similar behaviour on two different Bangles. Step count is working fine on the device, rarely transmitted to gadgetbridge, if at all, altough conected 24/7. Clock does not freeze. Notifications seem OK (mostly). Tried several different settings in Gadgetbridge, basicall allowing / enabeling anything...

    Device: Bangle.js 2
    Phone OS: Lineage 18.1 latest update
    Device is updated via gadgetbridge, android integation is installes, no further apps so far.

    @gordon : I have no idea what your suggestion means (sorry...).