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    I am currently working on developing a desktop app in C# for the Bangle.js watch. My objective is to establish a Bluetooth connection with the watch and retrieve data from it. However, I am facing an issue during the scanning process.

    When I initiate the Bluetooth scanning using C#, I am unable to detect the Bangle.js watch in the Bluetooth area. I have tried different scanning methods and have ensured that the watch is in pairing mode and within range of my computer's Bluetooth.

    I have also checked that the necessary Bluetooth libraries and packages are installed correctly. However, despite my efforts, I haven't been able to locate the watch during the scanning process.

    I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem while working with the Bangle.js watch and C# Bluetooth scanning? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences and any potential solutions you have found.