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    Happy, my watch is now running again, Happy

    Steps to solve the problem:

    1. I ignored the bangle.js device in the Bluetooth list of macOS.
    2. I successfully connected to the App Loader
    3. I removed the Bootloader app
    4. I uploaded the Bootloader again
    5. success

    *** many thanks to all ***

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    Thanks for the instructions

    Maybe someone has recognized in the past the start logo screen with additional text “-> Bluetooth” at the bottom of the LCD. After each additionally connect try this text is shown once more.

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    Thanks for your help

    I tried to connect the watch from IDE and get an error message "Connection failed: NetworkError: unsupported device"

    Question: How can I delete ".boot0 and .bootcde" using the IDE?

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    Working with the Chrome web IDE, I mistakenly choose "Flash" instead of "RAM".

    After this clumsiness, I tried to upload the firmware again. After different tries with the web IDE on Mac and with the DFU app on iPhone during 2 days, I take my iPad, removed the protective cover, put watch and iPad close together and tried it again with the DFU app . Lo and behold, as a result of this, I managed to upload the firmware several times. Actually, the firmware version 2v17 is uploaded.

    Now I have a problem, to use the watch and specially with the App loader. As a result, I see the the bangle start symbol showing correctly the 2v17 firmware version and a "Loading ..." symbol which stays eternal on the display. Additionally, the following text "=> Bluetooth" is displayed don the bottom of the LCD.

    After successfully uploading the firmware, the symbol "Reloading ..." is displayed all the time on the LCD.

    Do you have an idea, how I can bring the watch to life.