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    I have attached the output of HRM-raw event as an image. It only return 0. I have used it before, and it was working fine. But now I started to develop my code again, and the output is always zero.

    I appreciate your help.


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    Thank you for reply, Gordon.

    Last time I updated the firmware, it was easily done by the website, and the update button was besides the Firmware app. However, this time, I had to do it manually as it was instructed. Is there any reason?

    Was is supposed to be done automatically in the app store? or was it manually for everyone?

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    I got warnings that my firmware was old, and I tried to install the new one.
    After I went to the app store, I did the same as tutorial. I opened the Firmware Update app and followed the rest of instruction.

    One additional thing I did and I guess it was a mistake is that I also paid attention to another message which is:
    "If you have an early (KickStarter or developer) Bangle.js device and still have the old 2v10.x DFU, the Firmware Update will fail with a message about the DFU version. If so, please click here to update to DFU 2v12 and then click the 'Upload' button that appears."

    Since I had no idea whether mine is or is not, I decided to follow the second instruction as well.

    I remember before doing this step, the following info:
    "Your current firmware version is 2v17.54 and DFU is 2v12"
    "Your current firmware version is 2v16 and DFU is 2v16"

    Now I have downgraded the DFU, and I don't know what to do.

    Could you please inform me what is the difference between these two versions, and how can I update it again?

    Thank you.