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    I bought it on Aug 1st last year on the Espruino Shop. It's not a Kickstarter version.

    The button still clicks. If I sort of "flick-press" it, ie press normally but then remove the finger sideways so it releases on its own, it will still register. But it gets immediately stuck again, I assume, because connecting the watch to BT will trigger the watchdog again.

    I put the watch in vacuum for now, to hopefully drive out any moisture. I will try again in a day or two to see if it did anything.

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    That's sad to hear. This is actually my second B.js 2. I damaged the first one by swimming with it, lession learned. But with this one, I was very careful to keep it dry, always taking it off before swim/shower, keeping it out of rain, etc. The most moisture this watch has seen is from the sweat from excercise. Surely it can't be damaged from that?

    Anyway, the battery is flat now. I will leave it on a radiator for a couple of days, we'll see what happens.

    Can this watch be taken apart? I may have better luck if I can reach the PCB and clean it directly.

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    This just started a few moments ago. I was watching TV with my watch on my wrist when I noticed it boot loops. It was working fine, not a single issue, ever since I got it in Sept last year. It shows the boot logo with BT info, then boots into a "Watchdog": "Release BTN1 for DFV" screen. After a second, it boots to logo again.
    Have a look:

    If I press the button, I can sometimes make it enter DFV or stay on the logo, but connecting to my phone will show the watchface briefly and then just reboot to the Watchdog screen again.

    Thinking it's corrupted storage, I managed to send an erase-all command to it, only for the process to be interrupted by the Watchdog, rebooted, sensed that the storage is corrupted (probably from incomplete erase-all) and it cleared its storage. Now it's doing the same as on video above, only with a white logo. I can't upload anything to it because it constantly reboots.

    Help me, please?!