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    Hi @fanoush,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply and explain the underlyings of Bangle.js and Espruino. Appreciate it.

    I see the issue with the way jswrap_bangle.c is built. Splitting the bangle.js layer from the specific hardware layer would make it much more scalable.

    If only someone knowledgeable enough would dare to take on this task ;-)

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    Hi @fanoush, @jeffmer and @Gordon,

    This is my first post here; I've been aware and following Bangle.js for a while now as I am very intrigued by the concept (and reality thanks to you guys) of running Javascript apps and app store on a watch or even smartphone. I see great potential with the "common" knowledge of JS.

    You guys are awesome! I am clueless as to why this has not gotten way more attention.

    Why post here? I'm considering getting the bangle.js2 just to play with or even wear on a daily base. My WearOS2 watch died on me and I am eager for a replacement that provides notifications (and time). However, I am hesistent reading the build quality issues of the js2 and was reading up on alternatives, like this topic about the Kospet 3 with its nice(r) specs.

    Since the last post is a bit old; is this firmware still current and usable for future updates by @Gordon? Would you recommend getting a Kospet 3 and get it running with the steps @fanoush documented, obviously knowing it will not be bug-free and without quirks?

    I'd love a new play-toy, try all sorts of apps and brush up on my Javascript skills to build my own to share :-)

    Thank you