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    It loses connection after browser reloading, it also loses connection after a short period of time with served page opened. I the same browser session if i close page served by server and reopen it, connection remains active. At all times outgoing messages reached host.

    i attached error browser emits when fails to connect server. Also when i cannot reach server via browser, no requests from another server will come through.

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    Hello, Gordon,
    thank you for reply.
    Theres no rush, so ill be waiting...
    As far as i can see it doesnt depend on number of requests, but on different clients. I can request server for, lets say dozen of times, reloading the same page and everything works fine including fetch requests, but then should i request server from smartphone or ping it, server stops getting requests. Or i can make just one request after code is uploaded and on the second request from another client or after ping, server wont get requests. And in either way in two consequent requests from the server its again possible to get requests. It looks like this: first request from server reaches host (ethernet relay) but dont get answer from it, on second request from server its possible to get answer from host, and thus possible to request server to serve some page...

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    I`m using PICO with the latest firmware (with WIZnet) and 'w5500 lite' module.
    So after deploying http-server (even as simple, as in examples), server stops getting requests in a few minutes or immediately, if i ping server or make a request from another client (browser fires ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, and no requests can be registered in log of IDE). In this state however server can fire requests (i can control ethernet relay from IDE) and after each second outgoing request server can again get client requests... i attached some screenshots with .getIP() and .getStatus() information along with some client requests. Could you please tell if it's possible to make server functioning stably?

    Thank you.