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    Thanks. I can certainly see some data loading intermittently but not getting a lot from it!
    I've since realised the app loader allows manual retrieval of logs so that's probably my best bet. Following the general rule to get the raw data into a spreadsheet as fast as possible!
    Maybe at some point ill write some js to retrieve the files automatically. :-)
    Thanks again for your help, really lovely system and community building round this!

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    Ok, so tried the update of Android app on my js2. I'm now error free in terms of connection and everything Gadgetbridge does, but I can't see any data in the app or get the live measuring to work.
    It looks like no data syncing is happening, is there a way to trigger this?
    Have done all other updates: reinstalled Gadgetbridge from F-droid update all bangle.js2 apps, restarted phone and watch.
    I've tried this on a Huawei phone and Samsung tablet.
    Am i missing something or still a glitch in the software?


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    Wow! Thanks for the quick response and extra effort. Will try this later.
    Just to be clear: I think you mean update the 'android' app on bangle.js? I guess when I do a general update this will happen.
    Or should I be updating the Gadgetbridge software? Apologies for newbie questions!

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    Interested to find this as I was searching for a similar Gadgetbridge error connecting to the Bangle.js2. Mine says 'Malformed JSON from Bangle.js: No value for status'. This appears on connection.
    My firmware and Gadgetbridge version are up to date, and message connection works OK (I can run most of the tests for connecting, e.g. call and message handling). But the data viewing options show now data (though the watch has plenty!) and the live measurement (heart icon) just spins the wheel with 'MEASURING' message.

    I've tried suggestions above, but all the resets and reloads don't seem to do anything.

    Grateful for any ideas! Thanks.