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    I have a similar situation, but without dropping it or so, just normal use. After two years of daily use, the button did a strange click and stopped working, i can still use it via bluetooth, but thats clearly not a user device anymore and limits quite a bit the usability. I've seen a video in youtube disassembling it and I could try to fix it for myself, but i'm afraid of breaking the screen. I would love to know if it's possible to send the device to be fixed. Also, if there are plans for a new model maybe using screws and making it water resistant like the casios would be awesome, even if that implies removing some features like the barometer.

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    Is there a way to tell the system not to lock the device and keep the backlight on until the app is closed?

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    I'm super happy with banglejs2, i actually own two of them and i really miss a bigger community because i think it's the best opensource smartwatch.

    • is the only smartwatch that can switch off the bluetooth
    • with my watchface the battery lasts for 2 month

    But i'm aware about some issues I would love to get them fixed, maybe in a revision or a new model, but I also hope the community grows and the system gets better, this is my wishlist:

    • use a proper speaker (not a 12V on a 5V battery) because right now it can be only used as a subsonic vibrator.
    • support wifi (i know some espruino chips support wifi, and having this will open the door to do amazing things)
    • water resistant and inductive charging support to avoid rust
    • two buttons in the left side (that's actually supported by the API)
    • real leds instead of emulating them in the screen
    • microphone, maybe useful for voice notes or to use it as a bluetooth headset

    I understand every line of my wishlist implies a lot of work, but I think this is the most amazing piece of hardware I own and I enjoy it every time i code things for it. So I want to greet you all for the amazing work you put in that little device :)

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    I'm writing a "breath" app. I find out after writing it that there was already one in the apps repository, but my app fits better my needs so i'll finish it and publish it when ready.

    But i'm facing an issue that i don't know yet how to solve it:

    • I want the app to start ever hour (maybe configurable)
    • Ideally I would like to skip starting the app when i'm sleeping (is there a way to determine if the user is sleeping? i know the bangle can count steps without draining battery. is there a way to do the same but in order to determine if the user is awake or sleeping without draining battery?
    • I found the sched library provides an api to set alarms, and the alarm object can ship a js field that contains a js oneliner that can be used to execute an app.

    What would be the most optimal way to do this?