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    Turns out there are waterproof baro sensors, e.g. (first hits) BM1390GLV or LPS33HW ..

    The sensor could be installed in a separate open cavity with a flat flex passing into the main sealed cavity either through a potted section or between soft gaskets.

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    If the design ticks most of my boxes I'm more than happy to pay in advance without expecting immediate results.

    As far as the speaker goes, a piezo disc conducting sound into the case back has been tried and tested method of getting waterproof watches to make sound for years and imho the use cases for actual sound playback are quite limited in a watch, the sound feature will likely be used for simple notifications most of the time. Two use cases come to mind, TTS for blind/ partially sighted users, and navigation directions. This could perhaps be accomplished using BT earbuds.

    Re Qi charging, I'm sure this is dealt with in phones and other smartwatches or perhaps it's no issue at all but it might be worth checking that the charging EMF or the magnetic core disc don't damage or interfere with the magnetometer.

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    I can imagine there maybe being some IO pins on the inside, so you could unscrew the case, maybe insert a spacer (or swap to a smaller battery), and then a second PCB with whatever extras you wanted in it.

    Oooooh! That does sound good, perhaps this could be made compatible with Sensor Watch daughterboards, I'm sure there is some overlap in user bases, and you could take advantage of the open HW framework already in place.


    Coincidentally I wear that exact Protrek and it feels like it's for the same reasons! I love the DCF77-disciplined timekeeping and the ability to sense one's surroundings to an extent. I just wish this kind of functionality and form came in a tweakable, open source package.

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    I suspect my view is the antithesis to what people expect of (open source) watches- I like a watch to be completely independent of a phone and be packed with sensors and stand-alone functionality. Phone battery lasts one day tops and sometimes I don't even want to bring it with me. I vote to keep as many sensors as possible, including the baro, which is useful for rudimentary weather forecasting.

    My v2 wishlist would probably include:

    • round display (if doable, resolution and colour depth don't matter much)
    • buttons as well, for gloved operations
    • better GPS (first and foremost for precise timekeeping)
    • a basic beeper for alerts
    • LoRa if doable, imagine connecting to meshtastic with a watch alone
    • how do they get the baro sensors waterproof in regular ABC (alti-baro-compass) watches? Are those some bespoke waterproof sensors, or is there like an elastic membrane barrier?