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    I’m looking to get a smartwatch and have been considering the bangle.js 2. Other watches on that list include the mi band 7 and the Huawei band 7. I am looking for feedback from users to see the bangle.js2 compares to my other options.

    What I’m looking for in order of priority:
    1) wake me up without waking my wife up. We will have very soon, so sleep so I really don’t want to wake my wife up with that.
    2) long battery life. I think that having an always on watch face would be useful for me. How much, I don’t know yet.
    3) waterproof enough that I can wash dishes and walk outside without needing to take it off. Basically so I don’t have to baby it.
    4) works with iPhone.

    Nice to haves:
    -heart rate tracking equivalent to the Huawei or Mi Band 7. See videos by The Quantified Scientist on YouTube.
    So not amazing accuracy but something broadly useful. I’ll find it motivating for a few weeks or so which is useful.

    • Privacy. I’m aware that my other requirements mean I have to consider some of the companies with sketchier records on privacy. However, it is a preference.

    Me as a user: I’ve dabbled in a bit of coding (not JavaScript) but will be busy with baby. My intention will be to use existing programs.

    So, what do people think?

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