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    Unfortunately it's still scrambling even at boot, after a full drain + sitting dead for a while.

    re gray vs black: it's visibly less-gray after the drain, so in some ways it's improved, though perhaps less interesting now :) The mis-placed lines are still somewhat less black than normal ones though.

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    I've gotta admit, I'm pretty entertained that the advice is essentially "turn it off and on again. harder, [faster,] better[, stronger]."

    Or maybe the Kylo Ren meme is more appropriate

    It really is a magical fix.

    I will give that a try, thanks :) In retrospect, the grays really are strange aren't they? I hadn't thought about that. Kinda seems to imply it's not just a flaky connection or something, particularly with how consistent they are.

    At the moment the backlight is stuck "on", so it might get there pretty quickly on its own. Or will toggling everything be substantially more power draw?

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    Greetings! I booted up my Bangle.js 2 yesterday for the first time, and after a bit of time with things essentially working, the screen started "scrambling". Generally it looks like complete lines are being drawn, but sometimes it skips them or draws them out of order.

    Hoping that a firmware update would fix it, I upgraded to v15, which appeared to install correctly, but the scrambling continued. And today it's barely able to do anything, e.g. booting tends to not even reach the (scrambled) clock face. Though oddly, when it does, the (default) settings app tends to render perfectly until I tap a few too many times.

    Since I can't even get to the settings screen to pair with the website, I've got the nRF toolbox / firmware updater installed on my phone and can boot to DFU and get an update installed that way (it fails ~immediately from the IDE)...

    ... but as you can see in the screenshots, it's even scrambling while showing the reboot progress bar. In DFU mode, the third or fourth line of text (e.g. "connect" and I forget the next one when uploading) also consistently has the top line of pixels chopped off and displayed ~1.5 lines further below.

    And now after a few more reboots, it seems kinda persistently stuck before even showing the bangle boot screen / the clock (last picture, with "booting...", hopefully these appear in the order I uploaded them).
    (edit: nope! backwards. bah. is there a way to display them inline?)

    Is there something else I should try to recover this? E.g. could the bootloader / its storage be corrupt somehow, and is there a way to rewrite it? Previously I'd consistently get a "check storage" line while booting, but it's either not reaching that state now, or one of the firmware updates fixed that part.

    Or could this be a sign that the hardware is bad?