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    I thought that, thanks anyway

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    Hi Gordon, thanks for your answer.

    It used to work until some weeks ago.

    I've tried everything you suggested, with no luck.
    I'm using the latest stable firmware version (but I tried 2v16 as well).
    The Overwrite GPS option did not help.

    I downloaded the latest AGPS data, then ran your code for ~20 minutes with the BangleJS sitting still outside, on a spot where it used to get a fix very quickly and got a series of messages like

    { "lat": NaN, "lon": NaN, "alt": NaN, "speed": NaN,
      "course": NaN,
      "time": Date: Tue Aug 8 2023 00:24:34 GMT+0200,
      "satellites": 0, "fix": 0, "hdop": 25.5 }
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    Since some weeks I am not able to get a GPS fix anymore (from the run app, or from the bike speedometer).

    I've uploaded the AGPS data through the Assisted GPS Updater or A-GPS Data Downloader App, and waited for more than 3o minutes, but got no fix.

    I've tried to reboot, factory reset, flash other firmwares (I've tried the last 3), play with the "override GPS from Gadgetbrige" option , but never got a GPS fix.

    The GPS through Gadgetbridge works though.

    Can it be that the GPS chip is broken?

    Is there something I can try before I order a new device?