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    It scans for which I2C magnetometer is connected at startup and figures out which version it >is. As long as it gets that right, other stuff will work even if one device is missing. Even if that >fails the rest of the non-I2C device functionality will work.

    Thank you! That's a clever way of solving the version problem, but it means for me that I have to mount a magnetometer :). Maybe I'll wait till June and just buy a 2.1 because the whole project is converging towards the existing versions anyway lol

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    Thanks for the info and the schematic Gordon.
    This component shortage really sucks. As you said in another thread, a simplified puck.js totally makes sense, something similar to the "custom beacon kit". Some time ago I actually started creating my own version, because they are so hard to get.
    How does the current Puck.js firmware adapt to the different puck versions that are around or handle the situation if sensors are missing? For example if you had a "purpose-specific puck" with only the IMU mounted, would the firmware start up nevertheless, despite the missing magnetometer or PCT2075? Or does it make way more sense to compile a custom firmware?

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    Dear Espruino folks,
    I've been bitten by the Espruino bug (particularly the NRF52 portion!) and while playing around with the software and hardware some questions arose concerning the interesting design decisions.
    First, what was the reason for switching to the MMC5603NJ magnetometer in rev 2.1? The LIS3MDLTR seems to have a much lower power consumption and an interrupt pin...is it the annoying component shortage?
    The second question is somewhat related: since the 2.1 schematic is not publically available, what is the pin configuration of the MMC5603NJ? Is the reset pin of the NRF52 free again and the SDA and SCL the same as on the LIS3MDLTR in 2.0?
    Third question: as the red LED is the light sensor, what is the "infrared in" pin used for? Does it actually work as a receiver or a sensor?

    Have you considered using a BME280 or so as the temperature sensor? You'd have additional interesting parameters for context awareness with a similar amount of hassle and power consumption...

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    An Espruino build for this board would be really cool. The IMU is the same as in the Puck and there's also a flash chip!!
    As a Bangle.js 2 owner, I'm also very intrigued by the concept of having a file system on the SPI flash that can be accessed via BLE through the web IDE. This would enable really cool data logging options on the simpler, cheaper espruino boards.
    Is this hard to implement? You'd require some kind of simplified, stripped-down build of Bangle.js 2 or is there a simpler way?
    In this context I also thought about spinning my own Puck PCB with the MDBT42 and for example a GD25Q16 flash chip, since I have some laying around here.