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    Thank you everyone!

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    Thought I better ask before I swim with it on. Is it water resistant? Not worried about water proof, just want to be able to swim or shower with it.

    Forgive me if it is obvious. My Infinitime is, but this isnt na Infinitime. =)


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    Finally got it working. Probably should say in somewhere only 1 connection for us newbies. Also had to disable the "key" to pair it as I can't read it.

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    Just got my Bangle 2. Super fast shipping!

    Aggravated that I had to buy an app to get it to work with my Ipad browser, but hey, Apple.

    I can't get the watch to connect and download any apps with my ipad or my android phone.

    When I use WebBLE and click connect a bar pops up at the bottom and stays blank. When I click an app it just spins and spins.

    When I try to connect using using Brave on my phone it says connection failed.

    Gadgebrdige it connected to the watch so I am assuming bluetooth is on and working.

    I expected this to be simple =( I am not a programmer, but still expected it to be easy. Maybe I have missed some small simple step.

    I use Linux, but I have the one laptop that has major bluetooth issues so that has not been an option.

    Any ideas??

    Thanks in advance, JC