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    I got another watch, that showed the same problem again after a year and a 3rd one to use now. I opened the 2nd watch and it was not wet. The button just permanently toggles pressing for no reason. When I unplug the button from the pcb, it stops doing that. I fear that the button or it's board is.. not tough enough.
    Is there a spare part button, I can get? I wish I could find a water proof button that sort of fits into the case...

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    I pucked the DHL option, yes. No need for a reimbuse. I like to support this project. It's so so great. Promise to never give up!

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    My drawing routine can do about 30 fps, so somewhere there is a bottleneck.

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    Many thanks. Now I understand it.

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    I got my watch in like 3 days. Awesome.
    How much do you pay for a Bangle.JS 2 in the UK? I think the watch was about 90 EUR, abut I paid the double price with tax and vat and postage. Still worth it, but phew... For this month there's just potatoes and water ;)

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    I made an app that replaces the MessagesUI app for people with bad eyesight. So it just displays new messages with a large font and when you push the button, you return to the clock.
    Here's the beta-app:
    Here's the code:

    My issues are:

    1. When the message scrolls and another message arrives, I think, both messages are displays simultaneously, which causes a slowdown.
    2. g.setFont('6x8:5x9') is slow, maybe? Is there a way skip loading the font again and again for each frame to render?
    3. Bangle.on('touch', function (b, xy) { xxl.stop(); }); does not really work. I think the drawing keeps the CPU too busy.
    4. Must I undo the setWatch(xxl.stop, BTN1) when I leave the listener with load()?
    5. I put all code inside a xxl {} structure. Is there a better way to do this? I was afraid of using global variables in a listener function.
    6. Is there any way to speed things up?
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    I have the ghosting when switching from teatimer to glbasic clock sometimes. Teatimer only quits by long pressing the button. I think it's a teatimer issue. ;)

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    Thank you.
    When I receive a message in

    Bangle.on("message", (type, msg) => require("xxlmessage").listener(type, msg));

    and I want to show a scrolling message, I need a timeout for the redraw, and a variable holding the current scroll position.
    So I can make a global variable like:

    var scrollPosition=0;
    var scrollTimeout;
    exports.messageListener = function(type, msg) {

    Now, when I exit this code, by calling load(), will the global variables 'scrollPosition' etc. be freed from memory?
    Also, can I break things, if my global variables have names that are used in other apps or the system?
    I ask, because this code is in boot.js and thus always loaded. Will 'require()' load the js file on demand? What is the variable scope? The scope of require(), or global?