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    I did not constantly monitor the screen but just noted that after 2-3mins it was ok again. I did not do anything on the watch in that few minutes (no screen touch or button press).

    My assumption is that because of the low power something did not correctly work/communicate anymore, probably as you said "just" the communication to the screen.
    And when the backlight was off and the battery could recover for a short time again, maybe it just raised the power enough to pull off a full redraw again.
    Yes, this has never happened to me before but usually I also don't allow the battery charge to go below 10%. Just this time I completely forgot.

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    Unfortunately I did not make a picture of the screen. It was definitely not connected to temperature as I was inside the whole time and the temperature-value (displayed as part of my LCARS watchface) always showed 30-33°.

    But I can describe my actions and what I observed:

    • start at normal LCARS watchface, locked. no visible distortion.
    • press button. lock widged disappears
    • press button. "loading" box appears for a bit then the upper ~1/4 of the screen looks like the Settings/Launcher menu but with small quirks here and there. Below that a part of the "loading" box remains a bit distorted and on the remaining screen there are partly color spots/leftovers from the LCARS watch and partly stripes/dots that look like from the Settings/Launcher menu.
    • press button for 2s. In the middle of the screen some movement and 1 or both vertical lines for the "loading" box appear, but only part of the content.
    • no matter what clicking or touching the screen I did it stayed corrupted.
    • after ~2-3mins the screen recovered and showed the LCARS watchface again properly.

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    Firstly thanks for the effort in the previous months to reduce the power consumption of the watch. When I bought it in February it ran a full week on a single charge and I expected that to go down over time when I added more apps/watchfaces.
    Instead in the previous run it managed to not bother me for two weeks straight 🙀

    Maybe that's a reason that yesterday I forgot to charge the watch and unfortunately it ran flat. What surprised me is that it apparently did not shut itself down in time and I also could not turn it off anymore when I realized I was on 0% (but still living).

    When I tried to get into the Launcher menu the screen just garbaged up and I couldn't do anything besides reloading which then corrupted the screen a bit differently again.
    My assumption is that the power was so low that either the CPU or the screen drawing did not have enough power anymore to redraw the full screen and in that state I could not reach the "Turn off" menu anymore.

    I would have assumed that the watch turns itself off before it reached such a low state but either it wasn't there yet (but already pretty much unusable).
    Or does this self-shutoff maybe not exist at all (or is broken?)?
    If the power runs out (or goes super low) while the watch is still alive, is there a risk that it corrupts its settings or other storage?

    Is there another way to shut down the clock without the settings-menu? I understand that different timings of pressing the button are just different stages of "resets" but I didn't want to reset just shut down the watch safely.

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    I had the exactly same issue as sachinm had after updating to the latest cutting edge firmware version.

    Using the reset procedure as halemmerich suggested without loading code I could connect again and reset to the stable 2v14 firmware.
    With that version everything works again.

    Thanks for the hint!

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    I had the same experience.
    I flashed back to the stable version and then upgraded again to 2v13.123 and on the second try the notifications work again.

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    Thank you for that nice app :-)

    I'd like to bring in some small suggestions. Of course, since those are just from my personal usage patterns, they may not match to others.

    • for me, configuring seconds in a timer is an exceptional rarity. Maybe in the settings it would be possible to add a config, that enables/disables seconds for timers?
    • initially you had that "Time Now:" text. While I think that in the context of a timer that info may not be too helpful, for me it would be useful if it were to display a "Ends at: hh:mm:ss" (or "Ending: ", "Until: ", ...?) time instead. If the fonts size is larger or the same size you had that line initially would not be so important for me :-)
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    Was there not a flashing envelope symbol in the top left? That's usually shown as well

    Whoops, you are right, I completely overlooked that, sorry for that.

    Thanks for the link to the Github issue, wasn't aware that I'm bringing up something that's already in progress.
    I will try to check the Github too in the future before I post in the forums here.