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    That is correct and I see now where I’ve gone wrong, my intention was to draw the background once and then not have it redraw and only redraw the hands, not sure why I put it in the display refresh loop, was a bit silly of me. I’ll have to update that code to not redraw everything like that and see what happens, but I’d agree that my watch face is most definitely my issue of only getting 3 days battery life.
    Also not sure why I’m making it redraw twice, I typically don’t get a chance for hobbies until after I’ve put my son to bed, so I’m just going to blame it on end of day brain fog haha.

    That analogimgclk has some nice code in it, I’ll have to have a proper look at how it’s handling the images and implement something similar into mine.

    I’ll have to find some time this week to sit down and rewrite a chunk of that code as there’s a few things I can see I want to change and optimise in it

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    I don’t turn the watch off at night no.

    I might try updating the watch face to only show seconds when the screen is unlocked and see how that affects my battery life.

    I assumed the drain shouldn’t have been too bad with drawImages as that should only be updating the screen with the pixels required, although I’m not 100% on whether that’s specifically the pixels that change or done by segments of the screen getting updated.

    I might also have a play with when the screen unlocks on the watch as I find sometimes it triggers when I don’t want it to then when I want it to it doesn’t trigger

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    Just going to chime in here, I have also had 3 days battery life since day 1, I charge the watch for at least an hour more than when it’s at 100%, normally about 4 hours and then it dies roughly 3 days after the charge.

    My watch has been reset a couple times now and the settings are all default, only additional apps I have loaded is the iOS integration, messages and my seiko watch face which I assume the watch face shouldn’t be draining too much battery as it’s using drawImages.

    I don’t have heart rate on or gps, I actually had heart rate on every 10 minutes at one point and had the exact same battery life then as I do with it off and I have made sure it isn’t still activating.

    I have charged the watch for about 6 hours previously to make sure it was definitely fully charged and found no difference in battery life, 3 days seems to be all I get.

    I probably have the watch go off to about 20 to 30 notifications a day

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    Hey, thanks for checking out my watch face, was a fun little experiment to see if I was interested in purchasing a watch and doing some dev for it.

    Constructing the images was honestly not too bad, just used various images of Rolex watch parts and some photoshop to eventually as of v0.03 make them fully 2 bit greyscale as @Gordon mentioned it plays nicer with theming and the widgets.

    @Gordon I’ll take a look at using drawImages with the watch face once my bangle arrives hopefully next week.